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How Real Estate Agents are Keeping Homes Safe for Buyers


Covid-19 has had a dramatic impact on the real estate industry. Mortgage rates are low, renters realize how easily they could be displaced from their apartments, and in turn, more people than ever are looking to buy. As the US continues re-opening, buyers will be able to physically tour homes once again. But what does that mean for the sanitizing standards of real estate businesses?


Virtual tours of homes have become popular during the lockdown. Though, most people would never buy a home sight unseen. While this is good news for sellers and agents, it also means more people will be walking through kitchens, opening doors, and holding banisters at open houses and home tours.


Often referred to as “high touch surfaces,” tables, doorknobs, light switches, countertops, handles, desks, phones, keyboards, toilets, faucets, and sinks are going to become dangerous areas for the spread of germs. While most cleaning companies know this, how can real estate companies ensure these surfaces are being disinfected and sanitized every time? With Tulu’s QR code system, agents and potential buyers alike can simply scan the decal in the window of the home and get real-time information, videos of sanitizing, and detailed analytics to ensure the home has been sanitized.

Additionally, Tulu’s software could train real-estate agents with up-to-date procedures and checklists. With live auditing and virtual training, anyone can learn the CDC guidelines and sanitizing standards for real estate. And Tulu’s remote management system can ensure consistency and transparency for realtors. By holding sanitization as the standard, the real estate industry can help keep people safe, healthy, and buying homes!

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