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How Restaurants are Keeping Customers and Employees Safe

As restaurants around the US begin opening their doors to the public, cleaning and sanitization will be an important part of keeping diners and employees safe. While precautions differ by state, the CDC offers general guidelines on sanitizing that include cleaning and disinfecting frequently touched surfaces (e.g., door handles, cash registers, workstations, sink handles, bathroom stalls) at least daily, or as much as possible and as required by food safety requirements. Cleaning shared objects (e.g., payment terminals, tables, countertops/bars, receipt trays, condiment holders) between each use is also important. While employees can handle the day to day cleaning, many restaurants are turning to sanitizing companies to keep their spaces as safe as possible. Sanitizing restaurants frequently and developing a schedule for increased cleaning and disinfecting can help both employees and guests feel safer in restaurants.


Hiring outside vendors is likely a cost restaurants can’t afford. With Tulu, you can easily keep the work in-house, but improve the performance of your team. Our software can train and supervise workers doing essential sanitization work. And once the work is done, show video proof that the space is clean.


That’s where Tulu’s QR code decals come in. When companies use Tulu, they receive QR code decals that guests can scan. The QR leads to data on the last cleaning and even video proof of the work. We all enjoy dining in restaurants, but especially if we know it’s clean. Let Tulu help prove your commitment to giving diners the best experience possible!

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