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Show Guests You Care with Tulu

As the hospitality industry grows and adapts to the changing standards of the world, travelers are too. Experts are encouraging travelers to do their research before booking a stay in an Airbnb or hotel. The CDC released a lengthy list of precautions for hospitality sanitization to ensure healthy travel.


In an interview with Healthline, Dr. Stacey Rizza, an infectious disease specialist at the Mayo Clinic in Minnesota, which advised Hilton Hotels on their cleaning and disinfecting protocols, says customers should look for COVID-19 safety measures in hotels and wherever else they go. “Particularly whether or not they are regularly disinfecting high-touch surfaces, whether public spaces and private rooms are being cleaned and disinfected frequently, whether the staff are wearing appropriate protective equipment and following the rules of social distancing, and acknowledge that they’ve put these measures in place and are adhering to them,” Rizza told Healthline.

With guests taking the time to research before booking, it’s important to be able to show them concrete data and information on your cleaning practices. That’s where Tulu’s QR Code system comes in. By scanning the QR code decal in a hotel or on a website prior to visiting, guests can access data on the last cleaning and even watch videos of surfaces being sanitized. The hospitality industry is on the front lines for cleaning and sanitization best practices. Give travelers peace of mind with Tulu.

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