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About Tulu

Empowering cleaners with essential technology.

Our Product

Tulu is the leading software solution for remote management and live-auditing of essential cleaning and sanitization services. Our proprietary technology enables cleaners to sanitize effectively by following CDC, OSHA, and EPA protocols, in addition to guidelines set forth by specific industries or regulatory agencies like the FDA. Every cleaner who uses the Tulu app must complete virtual training to learn proper use of personal protective equipment (PPE) and general cleaning and sanitization practices. 

Our live auditing feature captures video of cleaners performing each task and submits it to a Tulu-trained supervisor for review; cleaners are notified in near real-time if they missed an action, and they must go back and complete the task in order to move forward. Video documentation of cleaners working through a space is saved after each session and can be shared with management, employees and customers. Today, Tulu serves the transportation and real estate industries, including sports leagues, ride-share companies, delivery fleets, parking lots, residential buildings, commercial offices, restaurants, and hotels.

Our Origin

Tulu started as an on-demand cleaning service called WipeHero. Over the years, the company has built and optimized software to ensure that cleaners follow proper sanitization protocols. Amid the coronavirus pandemic – right as businesses across the country are learning how to safely re-open – Tulu’s proprietary software is an integral part in maintaining safe working environments. The software itself has evolved into a standalone offering that Tulu now supplies to real estate owners and transportation companies in partnership with service providers in their respective industries.

Our Code of Ethics

We believe that human lives and safety are paramount. We prioritize the safety and well-being of people ahead of anything else, even if it means turning down business, uncomfortable negotiations, or profits. Nothing is more important than protecting human life. 

We exist to make the world a safer, healthier place. Our technology enables you to provide sanitization services that make physical places and spaces safe for people to enter. Along with preventative measures like wearing masks, washing hands frequently, and maintaining a social distance, sanitization is critical to stopping the spread of viruses and germs and enabling businesses to re-open.

However, we cannot completely mitigate an individual’s risk entirely of contracting a virus. For example, we cannot control whether people bring a virus into a newly sanitized environment, and we cannot prevent aerosols from entering into the air while people are present. Individuals will need to decide what level of risk they are willing to take. 

We will not work with organizations that hold events or re-open their doors without following the guidelines set forth by infectious disease experts including the CDC and WHO. There may be instances where local government allows a gathering to take place, but that gathering is not complying with widely accepted and scientifically-proven best practices. In those instances, Tulu reserves the right to decline to partner with such parties for those gatherings. We want to work with partners to keep people as safe as possible.

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