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Pandemic Transparency: The Future of Business

In the ever-changing times of the COVID pandemic, one thing is for sure -people are entitled to know if they are safe. People deserve to know what’s happening on the ground with their workers when they pay for a cleaning service. Consumers and clients want to know if the spaces they’re entering have been properly sanitized. And of course, we all are entitled to peace of mind. Transparency will become a key aspect of business moving forward in the pandemic.

Running any type of procurement in a company is usually a nightmare. Business owners often find themselves spending precious time interviewing vendors and cleaners. Sometimes they even do the work themselves. At some point, this type of work is usually offloaded to someone so they can have the peace of mind, or simply because they don’t want to deal with it any longer. As many know, every manager or supervisor hits their breaking point of dealing with cleaners, vendors, procurement, etc. That’s why Tulu aims to simplify the procurement process. Whether it be through connecting companies to reliable, trained cleaners or allowing managers and supervisors to audit the work of cleaners in real-time, the biggest difference is that Tulu has the proof of work. Businesses can spend millions in procurement and still have no idea what’s going on on the ground once the contracts are signed. We have technology around proof of work to prove that money and time is being well spent.

As we have seen throughout the pandemic, the lack of transparency in business has come back to haunt business owners. Back in April, one of the first COVID-19-related lawsuits of its kind, the estate of an Illinois Walmart Supercenter employee sued Walmart and the center’s owner for wrongful death in Toney Evans v. Walmart, Inc., et al. In the filed lawsuit, the estate accused the retail giant of failing to adequately screen and protect workers. In Wisconsin, employees of an Amazon fulfillment center in Kenosha have been left in the dark about COVID cases, leaving them trying to fill in the blanks in the information themselves. NBC reported:

Amazon’s lack of transparency, combined with the lack of federal protections for U.S. workers who contract infectious diseases in the workplace, make it almost impossible to track the spread of Covid-19 at one of America’s largest employers during a coronavirus-led boom in online retail. This has left some of its 500,000 warehouse workers at its 110 U.S. fulfillment centers — deemed essential during lockdown — attempting to fill the information gap.

Due to these initial missteps, recently we’ve seen more companies ramping up their transparency. Johnson and Johnson halted COVID vaccine trials after a participant became sick. Their immediate response and honesty will ensure more trust and confidence in their business in the future when the vaccine is ready.

Unfortunately, a lot of businesses have little confidence in their internal teams. There’s just no way to know how the internal cleaning teams are doing their jobs. In one client case, we’ve heard, a business owner had to double pay cleaners because they weren’t sure if the morning cleaners were doing their job. In turn, they had to pay the night cleaners to re-do it, even if in fact it had been done before. If a company is spending millions on procuring cleaning teams, interviewing and training them, and then have no idea what happens after, something is seriously wrong. Tulu not only allows for transparency in the cleaning process, but it also saves time costs, as well as human capital costs. No one should have to spend valuable time supervising and double-checking the work of their teams. With Tulu’s remote management and live-auditing capabilities, both cleaners and managers time can be spent doing what matters most- ensuring the cleanliness of the space they’ve been hired to clean.

As we move into a new, post-COVID world, the idea of transparency will become paramount to not only business owners, but their customers as well. Our app empowers cleaners with checklists and task lists pushed right to their phones. Video and photo evidence of spaces being cleaned, live auditing, live messaging, and more, allow cleaners and their supervisors to know the job is being done well. Once cleaning is complete, our QR code system allows for anyone – employee, consumer, client, delivery person, etc.- to simply scan the QR code and view important data and even photos and videos of the spaces being cleaned. It is everyone’s right to be shown proof of work and as the ever-changing landscape of cleanliness evolves, Tulu guarantees to continue fighting for transparency and honesty in the cleaning industry.