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September 28, 2020

As the election approaches, concerns with the safety and disinfection of polling places are growing for voters across the country. While experts recommend mailing in ballots and voting early, other industries don’t have the option of offering services such as this. Sports, hospitality, and commercial real estate are just some of those who have been affected over the last 6 months. So how can these industries bounce back? For more info on how Tulu can help businesses with proper sanitization contact our team.

“Voting in the middle of a pandemic was always going to look different. For those who choose to vote in person, voters and poll workers will likely have to social distance and wear masks. A lot of people might forgo in-person voting altogether; the number of Americans voting by mail is expected to double compared to 2016.”

-Jen Kirby, Foreign and National Security Reporter, Vox

The Hospitality Industry’s Return

New research shows that the hospitality industry may not return to “normal” until 2023. What does this mean for the slow and varied return of hotels and restaurants until then? McKinsey examines the different recovery plans and how guests and travelers feel about returning to hotels in the future. Read More

Airports Still Struggling to Keep Surfaces Clean

In a new report from Inside Edition, researchers tested several high-touch surfaces for cleanliness at John F. Kennedy International Airport. In unfortunate news, they found evidence that several of these surfaces didn’t appear to have been cleaned for several days. So what now? Read More

How Sports Have Adapted to the Pandemic

Sporting events have clearly changed since the start of the pandemic. In a new report, Sporttechie surveyed high-ranking executives from the sports landscape to reflect on “key lessons learned, fundamental changes to their business, and adaptations they’ve made in their approach to leadership.” Here’s what they learned. Read More

Voting Safety Concerns? Here’s What to Do

As we saw during the Primaries, voting concerns and confusion led to half a million mail in ballots being rejected due to voter error or late delivery. In order to stay safe while voting and make your vote count, experts suggest creating a voting plan with one guiding principle- do everything early. Learn more about how to vote safely and make sure your vote counts. Read More

Could COVID Make Cities Affordable Again? 

With many employers offering work from home options, commercial real estate prices, including office spaces, are expected to decrease. Now six months into the COVID-19 pandemic, less than 10 percent of New York City’s white-collar workforce is back in the office, with less than a quarter expected back by the end of the year and only half before next summer. In the future, could this drop in commercial real estate mean more affordable cities for us all? Read More