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Cleaner Spotlight: Manny

In our new Cleaner Spotlight series we’ll be highlighting the work of the people who are on the frontlines of sanitization — cleaners! For our first interview, we sat down with Manny from Tennessee to discuss his experience as an essential worker during the pandemic, and what he thinks the future of cleaning and sanitizing will look like. Manny has been working with Tulu on helping sporting teams get back in the game and he has shown time and time again his commitment to clean. 

How long have you been working in the cleaning industry?

I’ve been a cleaner for over five years now. I moved from Mexico to Tennessee and began cleaning.

What is your favorite part of Tulu’s platform?

My favorite part of Tulu’s platform is the checklist feature on the app. As cleaners, we’re able to get an exact list of what needs to be done and we can follow it as we go. It makes cleaning a lot easier.

How have you handled changes to the industry since the start of the pandemic?

I think that COVID has made everyone a lot more safe with cleaning. When we clean we wear more PPE, we disinfect spaces more and people are taking cleaning more seriously.

You’ve been working on projects in Covid testing labs. Do you feel like the pressure is higher in those environments versus a normal office?

I don’t think the pressure is higher, just different. We’re still working to keep spaces clean, it shouldn’t matter whether the space is a COVID testing lab or office, it should always be disinfected following CDC, EPA, and other governmental agency protocols.

What does the future of cleaning look like to you?
I think more people will start doing what Tulu is doing with checklists and remote management. It makes it easier for cleaners and their supervisors and in turn, helps spaces be cleaned and disinfected properly.