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Saying “I do” to couples’ cleaning concerns: Having weddings safely during a pandemic and beyond

Planning a wedding is always stressful, but many couples have now been thrown headfirst into navigating a plan that includes precautions for the COVID-19 pandemic. For most couples, a wedding is a way to gather friends and family to celebrate their love, but in times such as these, a gathering could put their loved ones at risk. Many people have simply postponed while others move forward with amended plans or even ignore CDC guidelines for events and gatherings. With safety (hopefully) being a number one concern for wedding vendors and couples alike, it begs the question, how can the wedding industry survive a pandemic?

By now we’ve all heard the stories of weddings who didn’t follow state guidelines becoming super spreading events (particularly the Maine wedding that has been linked to 176 cases at the time of writing) or venues suing their states to have the same capacity rights as restaurants But for many venue owners and other wedding professionals, their main concern is staying in business. As a solution, many places have instated “covid-compliance” measures and liability clauses into contracts. Others have reworked floor plans and seating charts to keep guests distant and safe, but it doesn’t stop there. “An awareness of health and safety will likely have a lasting effect after COVID,” says planner Annie Lee of Daughter of Design. “Particularly, venues and caterers will need to take extra precautions like adding contactless faucets, sanitation stations, along with a hyper-vigilance when it comes to cleaning.”

For couples across the country, this hyper-vigilance in cleaning and sanitization is a main concern when looking at wedding venues. In a poll conducted by Tulu on a popular Facebook group for brides, 87% of those polled said that they would be more inclined to book a wedding venue if they could see proof of work of the space being sanitized between events. Only 13% said it wasn’t a concern of theirs.

Due to the nature of the virus, large gatherings can be a hotspot for transmission, even after the guests have left. By showing potential clients that a venue is doing everything they can to sanitize during, as well as in between events, venues can ensure not only guests’ but employees’ safety and their commitment to their customers. With Tulu’s scannable QR code decals, couples touring venues, vendors working in them, and even guests can scan a code for immediate details on the last cleaning, videos of the work being done and other important data. No matter what a wedding looks like nowadays, venues can give people the peace of mind that comes with knowing a business cares about their health.