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Empower Technicians with Essential Technology

Champion workplace transparency and accountability with customizable checklists and live audit solutions

Trusted by the World’s Best Companies.

How does it work?

Tulu is a mobile and web application that can be used to provide visibility and insights into technician workflow and quality standards. Collect video data to assess quality or push specific workflows for certain jobs.

Digitise workforce supervision & field to-do lists

Push digital to-do lists to your field technicians through mobile application & web dashboard. Receive live notifications of your technicians completing jobs and communicate changes in real time.

Create field workflows exactly how you want it

Create rigid workflows or allow freedom in to-do sequences through workflow management. Collect data after milestones and ensure clear communication of expectations. Save checklist’s in the cloud.

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Remote supervision
made easy

Manage all your technicians through video supervision and live management systems. Cut, save and send video data for auditing, marketing or reporting uses. Spend less time in the field and manage from a distance.

Reporting centralised into a single dashboard

Use management dashboard to view data, report on jobs and push training modules.


"Tulu has become an instrumental partner in the management and operational consistency during COVID-19 restrictions and government cleaning requirements."

John Little Head of Business Connect